Welcome to our Integrated Learning Center

The experienced team at Fox Blocks is providing this Integrated Learning Center (ILC) as training and educational portal for contractors, designers, developers and anyone interested in learning everything there is about insulating concrete forms. The ILC provides coordinated training courses, access to AIA learning credits and comprehensive library of educational videos. This site will grow to offer all the best information and applications for successful Fox Blocks residential and commercial builds, plus TrueGrid permeable paving systems.

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Online ICF Courses

Register for self-paced online training and educational courses. Become a registered Fox Blocks installer and gain more insight into building and using Fox Blocks for all applications. These are comprehensive courses covering all aspects of building with Fox Blocks.

Live Training

ICF Video Series

Fox Blocks has a vast library of informative and educational videos on everything related to ICFs. This video library will expand with more products, projects and unique applications of Fox Blocks and TrueGrid permeable pavers.